Season 9, Lesson 6


  • Practice Progressive Basic
  • Practice Colombian steps
  • Review choreo


Kaizen (Constant Improvement)

  • Don’t just go through the motions, improve your basics every day.
  • Observation: Watch other dancers/coaches, see how they move.
  • Experimentation: Try out different things – hand positions, foot positions, torso, different levels, slowing down/speeding up. See what works with your body.

Progressive Basic

  • Take a big step back on 3 (push off the 2).
  • Take a big step forward on 7 (push off the 6).
  • Goal: Always be progressing forward on the back break.

Colombian Basics

  • Basic (basico), forward basic, taps (dinos), basic w/ taps, point point (punta punta), figure fours (quatros)
  • Pivot body on basic step
  • Pivot on the standing leg on the punta punta

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