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May 7, 2021

Excerpt from What About Us? from The Spear:

Senior Emily Fernandez is the current club president of the SJSU Salsa Club.

Salsa Club teaches students how to dance Salsa with some Bachata, Cumbia and Merengue to give the overall experience of the beautiful arts. The club also competes with other schools, but the pandemic has forbidden the club from any on-campus activities.

Salsa dancing is mainly a partnership activity and for Fernandez, it has been a struggle teaching her ways virtually over Zoom. However, the club leader has kept everyone resilient.

“We’ve been able to cope with being active online … I always try to ask how everyone is doing,” said Fernandez.

Fernandez has organized game nights and special online events for her club members, even having special guests in the salsa community all the way from New York teach their professional ways of salsa dancing.

“It really creates this type of a community despite the struggles we all have been going through,” said Fernandez.

As of now, the university has given the green light for all club sports to return to in-person activity on the first of August.

Though it has been an immense struggle for everyone in the COVID-19 pandemic, SJSU club sports have been hit hard with no in-person matchups in over a year.

Nonetheless, with the right measures and commitment to safety, SJSU will see all sports back in person, club and D-I.

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