Season 9, Lesson 3


  • Continue practicing the basic step
  • Practice the Suzie Q and Mambo Step
  • Practice the turn drill



  • Keep you feet turned out on the basic step and all other steps
  • Shift your weight on the upbeats (“&”) and on the 4 and 8

Suzie Q

  • Focus on the pivot of the foot on 1 and 5

Mambo Step

  • Change levels on the 3 and 7

Turn Combination

  • Right Turn, Broken Left Turn, Traveling Right Turn, Traveling Left Turn
  • Turn on the 5& on right turns, and the 6 on left turns


On what counts do you shift the weight on the basic?
What are the names of the 4 basic turns?
On what count do you turn around on a right turn? On a left turn?

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