Season 9, Lesson 1


  • Practice the basic steps (regular basic, back basic, side basic, front basic)
  • Practice the tumbao pattern
  • Read about the history of salsa dancing


Basic Step

  • Difference between walking & dancing – When you walk, you go from heel to toe, in salsa we step from toe to heel
  • On the 2 and the 6 we step out. This is called the “break”
  • The break can happen in any direction (back break, side break, forward break)
  • Do not put your heel down when you back break
  • Shift your weight on every step (stepping vs tapping)

Tumbao Patten

  • Common music pattern found in most salsa & cha cha music
  • The slap happens on the 2 & 6, corresponding to your break


What does “mambo” mean?
When and where was salsa first developed?
What dances came before salsa?
What is the difference between walking and dancing?
What is the difference between tapping and stepping?
On what counts do you break?
Listen to a salsa song. Can you hear the tumbao pattern (listen for the double tap)?

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