TikTok Competition 2022

Competition Rules

  • The competition is to see who can create the best/funniest/most creative TikTok videos
  • Video must incorporate the Spartan Mambo costume and/or Sparchata costume from Fall 2022
  • Video must be in vertical format


  • Videos can be submitted by uploading to our Google Drive Folder
  • If you don’t know how to Google Drive, you may also airdrop videos to The Coach
  • Submissions must be received by Friday, December 9th at 6pm PST

Winner Selection

  • All submissions will be played at our Holiday Party on December 9th
  • Winners will be selected by The Coach and audience favorites
  • The best videos may be shared on our official TikTok, Instagram and Facebook pages


  • Winners of the competition will be able to select the prize they want in the order that they place (1st place gets to pick 1st, etc)
  • One prize per winning video
  • Contestants can win multiple prizes with multiple videos

Mambo Gear:

Morange Hoodie (front)

Morange Hoodie (back)

Mambo Mug

Mambo Water Bottle

Mambo Pillow

Mambo Shoe Bag (blue)

Mambo Shoe Bag (yellow)

Mambo Shoe Bag (mockup)

Salsa Vida Gear:

Salsero Ugly Xmas Sweater

Salsera Ugly Xmas Sweater

Salsero Beanie

Salsera Beanie

I Heart Salsa Beanie

123 567 Beanie